Friday, August 12, 2016

Kayak Kamp 2016 Day 5

Today was our final day of Kayak Kamp. We have been so blessed with wonderful weather and a wonderful group of young people. There was no complaining and lots of great times with each other.
Our final lesson this morning was about God's plan of restoration in creating a new heaven and new earth.  We saw that the Bible began in a perfect garden between two rivers (Genesis 2) and it ends in a perfect city with the River of God flowing out of it. (Revelation 22). This future hope reaches into our current reality to give us glimpses of the future in the present as Jesus comes to restore now the brokenness of sin. All of the rivers we have been on - Passaic, Hackensack and today the Delaware are current pictures of God's future reality. Praise God. 
Lunch break along the river
 We put in today about 8 miles above the Delaware Water Gap. Thanks so much to Alisa Englehard for coming with us to drive the van back down to the gap so it was there when we arrived. What a gift that was. There was a lot of current since they got a lot of rain last night however, there was also a strong headwind that we were constantly paddling into.  But everyone put their heads down and pushed ahead.
Everybody enjoys swimming and floating in the current 

This weird river monster showed up to scare us

Jr. River Monster came by as well

 The Main Stem of the Delaware flows 333 miles from Hancock NY to the Ocean. Above Hancock the East and West Branches of the Delaware flow out of dams and reservoirs that provide 80% of New York Cities water supply. It is one of the longest free flowing rivers (without dams) in the United States. It is also noted that the top 213 miles are the longest stretch of a clean water river in the United States. And it all belongs to each one of us.

River of God Kayak Kamp 2016

We enjoyed the rapids coming down into the Gap

the ride home 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Kayak Kamp 2016 Day 4

In case anyone missed what we are all about in the River of God School of Paddling here are out basic goals: To help young people

  • experience and get to know God through His creation
  • develop an appreciation for creation and learn how to care for it
  • learn life skills, values & teamwork through paddling and working together
  • have a great time paddling local rivers, lakes & reservoirs 

 We are very into reading God's BIG BOOK of creation. The past few days we have seen great blue herons, trumpeter swans, snowy egrets, osprey and today we saw an immature bald eagle. God is also very creative when it comes to trees, lilies and bugs.
 Our morning Bible lesson was about how in the midst of a broken world, as we are restored to God through Jesus Christ we are sent to heal. This means we are stewards of God's creation as well as healers by God's grace to all the people created in God's image. What a high and holy calling.
 Our paddling destination today was Lake Wawayanda in Wawayanda State Park. Its a beautiful highland lake above Greenwood Lake near the New York Border.

 The lake has many spots full of beautiful water lilies, both white and yellow.

 We found a new spot for lunch this year in a small cove on the one big island in the middle of the lake.

Dominick "chllin"

 One of the highlights of this trip is swimming at the life-guarded beach. A fun time was had by all

Shyane ready to swim

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Kayak Kamp 2016 Day 3

Mr. Eric began our Bible lesson today reminded us of what God has showed us in the Bible the last two days:  Creation: We were designed for Good:   Sin: We are damaged by evil:  Redemption: Jesus has come to save us and free us from the grip of sin. We saw how God did not abandon us in our sin or throw us away but that "God demonstrated His love to us in this, while we were still sinners Christ died for us."  The power of the cross is what can free us from the grip and consequenses of sin.  We receive this gift by God's grace alone through faith by believing in the forgiveness only God can give.
It almost seems to good to be true. 
 Today we went to the Paddling Center of the Meadowlands Commission at the end of Paterson Plank Road. Its a wonderful place with a low dock to launch off of. We all did great except I (Pastor John)
launched Alahandro right into the river. Sorry about that. He recovered well

We had a wonderful paddle up the Hackensack River with the New York Skyline in the background.

As we entered Mill Creek the tide was about as low as it could be. Lots of river muck was evident along the shore.

We had to stay in the channel to avoid getting stuck in the mud. Some tried and short cut only to have to come back around.

You can see how low the tide was

We stopped for lunch at Mill Creek Park in Seacacus, across the river from where we put in. As soon as we finished lunch it began to rain.

The rain was no deterrent to the playground and the whole group enjoyed playing on the playground in the rain.

After the rainstorm ended the sun began to come back out. We paddled back across the river to River Barge Park and enjoyed a shot swim in the Hackensack River before heading for home.